Monday Mantra...YAM!

Written by on October 19th 2015.

Call it chance, a coincidence or perhaps a bit serendipitous, but did you know the word YAM, in Eastern Yogic traditions, is linked to the Heart Chakra, one of seven energy centers in our bodies, each located along the spine, starting at the base and running upwards to the crown of the head?

The … read more

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The Spirit of Yoga: Beginning Meditation

Written by on September 1st 2015.

 “Yoga, an ancient but perfect science, deals with the evolution of humanity. This evolution includes all aspects of one's being, from bodily health to self realization. Yoga means union - the union of body with consciousness and consciousness with the soul. Yoga cultivates the ways of maintaining a… read more

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Why weight? Sean didn't, and lost 200 pounds

Written by on August 18th 2015.

Almost a year ago, Sean L. was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. His doctor told him that if he didn’t change his lifestyle and lose more than 100 pounds, he would die at a very young age.

“He promised that my health would decline rapidly, I may become blind and possibly lose my legs due to poor ci… read more

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Yoga is for 'regular' guys, too

Written by on July 24th 2015.

At first glance, Barry Bonnett, a former wrestler, football player, history teacher and coach, looks like one tough guy walking down the street, someone many people would never think was a practicing Yogi.

But as we all know, looks can be deceiving, and Barry wants to prove to himself, and maybe … read more

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Just let your ego go

Written by on June 26th 2015.

Some folks believe Yoga requires flexibility, strength and an optimum body weight.

That’s nonsense, says Jim Holleman, a general surgeon and chief of staff at St. Luke’s Hospital in Columbus who regularly attends a variety of YAM’s Yoga classes at least six times a week.

“Flexibility is not at… read more

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Yoga helps with shoulder injuries

Written by on May 28th 2015.

For three years, Candace Elizabeth Pearson has struggled with intense shoulder pain, the result of repetitious lifting of heavy boxes of products used at her Candy Cakes Bath Bakery.

The 32-year-old co-owner of Hendersonville’s Candy Cakes tried orthopedic doctors, physical therapy, massage a… read more

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