A Mother's Mantra: 'I YAM Caring'

Written by Tish Hilyer on April 30th 2016.

It’s been written that Mothers are really our first Yoga teachers. They teach us how to love, give and share our lives with others. So in honor of Mother’s Day, May 8, our monthly Mantra is “I YAM Caring. Our own Tish Hilyer shares what being a “Fairy Steep Mom” means to her.

The idea of motherho… read more

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Start shining your inner light: 'I YAM Blooming'

Written by Sonya Klepper on March 31st 2016.

I YAM Blooming.

Doesn’t this simple statement, YAM’s Mantra for the month of April, make you feel a little bit … happy?

It brings up the notion of beauty, fertility, love, hope, sunshine, the proverbial spring in our step that comes along with the ending of winter and the beginning of spring. … read more

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I Yam Lucky: Count your blessings each day

Written by Chantal Berot on February 29th 2016.

Anyone who has taken my Yoga classes knows that I often speak about gratitude and how important it is to remind ourselves each day of all the blessings we have in our lives. Gratitude is what keeps us humble, what makes us happy, and what helps us live a more satisfying and simple life.

We live i… read more

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Let 'I YAM Love' be your mantra this month

Written by on January 31st 2016.

Through love, we all have the power to connect with each other, peacefully, heart-to-heart. In celebration of Valentine’s Day this month, we hope the YAM family (that’s You!) will join us in celebrating and practicing our first Monthly Mantra of the Year: “I YAM Love.”

As dedicated Yogis know, se… read more

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