The Winning #YAMStory!

Written by Averee on November 1st 2018.

Submitted by Mary Lynne Hayes & Buren (Pete) Price (Winners of the #yamstory)

I started coming to YAM in February 2018, because of constant pain in both hips.  When I had tried yoga a few times in the past I liked that it made me more flexible with less pain.  But best of all it was calming; it m… read more

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Become the Person You Want to Be: "I YAM Determined"

Written by on May 31st 2016.

In honor of Father’s Day and observing our June Mantra, “I YAM Determined,” we asked Tim Hopkin, one of our Yoga clients, to reflect on how determination has played a big part in his life. Born in England, Tim has made Henderson County his home for the past 23 years. Married with two sons, Nicolas a… read more

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