Cancer survivor so grateful she found Yoga

Written by on November 22nd 2016.

Suzanne McCall was diagnosed with leukemia in 2002, but through much courage and resolve, she has managed to turn her illness into something positive.

Ironically, Suzanne says she’s thankful for what cancer has given her: finding the gift of Yoga and the seeds for a more meaningful life.

“The … read more

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Yoga Plays a Big Role in Actor's Life

Written by on June 30th 2016.

It’s no act when you listen to Traci Gardner extol the benefits of her Yoga practice.

The professional actress, who just recently was cast in a scene with Helen Hunt in “Shots Fired,” a FOX upcoming drama series, and who played a tough bartender in “Swamp Murders,” says Yoga has helped her immens… read more

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Yoga just the right thing for soon-to-be moms

Written by on April 26th 2016.

Brianna Wiener, a family nurse practitioner, was determined this time around not to pack on the 60 pounds she had gained during her first pregnancy.

Now 35 weeks pregnant, Brianna’s proud to say she hasn’t put on that extra baby weight, thanks in part to Summer Stipe’s Prenatal Yoga class at YAM.… read more

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Yoga is part of cycling pro's routine

Written by on April 15th 2016.

For several years, professional cyclo-cross racer Ally Murphy has put the pedal to the metal, racing on the world’s number one women’s team and, as she says, ‘lucky enough’ to ride with some of the sport’s legends.

But she’s not sure she could have competed as well as she did if it wasn’t for her… read more

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Yoga and aging: A perfect pair

Written by on February 22nd 2016.

Yoga isn’t just for the young and flexible.

Just ask 89-year-old John Hill, who practices Yoga once a week at YAM in one of the more vigorous classes.

“It’s the best hour of the week for me … and I mean that. I come out of class and my mind is clear and my body is relaxed,” says John, who, as … read more

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Massage offers so many benefits

Written by on January 29th 2016.

Nick Ball is game for almost anything.

An avid sports fan (Go Duke and Rolltide!) and computer whiz who was born with cerebral palsy, this 33-year-old has had to step out of his comfort zone his entire life while confined to a wheelchair.

“I try not to let my disability stop me from doing thin… read more

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