Day 21: 21 Day Yoga Challenge

Written by Averee on October 4th 2015.

Practice Pose: Dancer's Pose {Natarajasana}

It's Party Time!

You did it and we are so happy to have you in our YAM, let's celebrate YOU!!!

Today's pose is Natarajasana commonly known as Dancer's Pose and we expect you to be getting your groove on at the YAM-iversary today.

Believe it or not, our little studio is one year old TODAY. So, if you didn't know we are celebrating with music, food and yes...cake.

Here's how to practice Dancer's Pose:

This pose develops concentration and balance. It tones and lengthens the leg and hip muscles. It will stimulate a full range of motion in the shoulders. The chest expands fully.

  • In Tadasana, take a few moments to establish your center. Find a point to gaze at either at eye level or on the floor. Shift your weight onto one leg.
  • Inhale and bend the knee of the other leg, bringing it backwards and grab hold of the ankle or foot with the hand of the same side. Take a moment to balance and then move the knees so they are in alignment with the hip joints. Hold here and breathe into the stretch from the abdominal muscles into the quadriceps.
  • Inhale and extend the arm of opposite side-body directly up from the shoulder, towards the sky. Feel the energy move all the way through the fingertips. Hold here for several breaths. You may want to remain in this phase of the posture and work up to the final pose.
  • To move further, simultaneously lengthen the arm and torso up and forward while the opposite leg lengthens back and up. In the final posture the thigh becomes parallel to the floor and the torso at an angle to the floor.
  • As you hold the pose, breathe into the stretch on the inhalation and relax on the exhalation, creating an equal and opposite stretch forward through the arm and backward through the leg. Allow your gaze to rest slightly above the horizon.
  • Slowly bring the torso back to center. Release the bent knee and stand in Tadasana.

Today, there is no recipe. It's all about enjoying what you've learned (hopefully creating a new healthy pattern in your life) and coming out to help celebrate each of us as we meander down this amazing path together!

Free Yoga at 9:30 am, 11:15 pm & 2:45 pm

Live Music and Food Truck: 4-7 pm

Complimentary Beer & Wine

Remember to use hashtags #yam21daychallenge and/or #yamsthejam if you post your own pic on Facebook or Instagram!

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