Day 17: 21 Day Yoga Challenge

Written by Averee on September 30th 2015.

Practice Pose: Standing Side Stretch Pose

This pose gently opens the side of the body, especially the ribs and intercostal muscles.

To practice:

Standing in Tadasana with your feet together, inhale while stretching your left arm out to the side and over your head. Your chin remains level with the ground.
Inhale, reach up toward the sky, exhale while bending your body to the right without moving the hips out. Keep the hips and shoulders facing forward.

Concentrate on the movement of the spine as it creates an arc.

Extend through the sides of the neck, keeping it long. The chest remains open and the whole body flexed. Stretch through the arms.

Imagine your breath traveling down the opposite side of your bend all the way to the toes and back up through the same side. Hold for several breaths, always responding your particular needs.

Inhale while bringing your body back to center. Exhale the arms down. Alternate sides.

Today's Recipe

I am an early bird workout person and i can’t eat before Hot Yoga, CrossFit or a Run, so I start the morning off with a cup of coffee blended with a Tablespoon of raw coconut oil.

I brew the coffee and and the oil in my NutriBullet for a quick sec and voila!! A fabulous latte!! Heres some benefits that you might find interesting.

After my workout I toast an Ezekiel english muffin (found in the freezer section of grocery) and spread a whole avocado on muffin and top with two over easy eggs with cheddar cheese!! YUM!

Hope you enjoy!!!

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