Start shining your inner light: 'I YAM Blooming'

Written by Sonya Klepper on March 31st 2016.

I YAM Blooming.

Doesn’t this simple statement, YAM’s Mantra for the month of April, make you feel a little bit … happy?

It brings up the notion of beauty, fertility, love, hope, sunshine, the proverbial spring in our step that comes along with the ending of winter and the beginning of spring. It’s the early morning bird song and the wet rain that creates a green so bright (especially here in the mountains) you almost have to squint to take it all in.

I am blooming means that we’re doing our work - metaphorically, we’ve planted the seeds, tended them daily with water and sunshine and allowed the process of growth and transformation to mold us into our own unique and beautiful selves. :)

Yoga and meditation are valuable tools in the whole “blooming” process. We can use the practice to peel back the layers, scrub off the dirt (sometimes accumulated over years) so we get a glimpse of what lies underneath. It can be breathtaking.

What I believe is that we can “bloom” at any age. It doesn’t matter how old or young. It’s more about the time in life when the inner light starts to shine so fiercely that there’s no force that can dim it.

Sometimes it takes a while for this to happen. Sometimes, it comes in spurts. But there comes a time when we step back and realize that … yeah … I’m doing what I came here to do!

That’s the blooming.

Being the biggest, best version of you there is.

So, let’s gather round the fire and make the mantra ours. Hold hands if you want (a little help never hurts) and shout it out. Or, have a little ceremony and write down what you need to let go of in order to bloom.

Then, burn it.

Seriously. Go ahead and toss it in the fire.

Send it up in flames and let the work begin as you step into YOU.

Say it with me. “I am blooming.”

Feel free to chuckle. I mean, why not?

It’s kind of a happy thing.

Let it resonate and bloom into the deepest parts of you.

Much love and peace,


P.S.- I hope to see you on your mat … blooming!

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