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Yoga helps with shoulder injuries

Written by on May 28th 2015.

For three years, Candace Elizabeth Pearson has struggled with intense shoulder pain, the result of repetitious lifting of heavy boxes of products used at her Candy Cakes Bath Bakery.

The 32-year-old co-owner of Hendersonville’s Candy Cakes tried orthopedic doctors, physical therapy, massage a… read more

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Yoga helps to create balance in busy lives

Written by on May 6th 2015.

For the past five years, Elizabeth (Ibby) Whitten has had a history of high blood pressure and was prescribed medication to help lower it to a normal range.

But the medication – along with a proper diet – just didn’t do the trick. Her average reading in years past has been 136/98.

After talkin… read more

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Yoga: What's Really going on?

Written by on April 23rd 2015.

Has this ancient practice of Yoga been around thousands of years so that I can learn to touch my toes?

 Was this practice developed for people to get rid of pain in their back? Maybe its purpose is for people to discover the body’s flexibility and strength and post it on Instagram.

If so, then… read more

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Hot 26 classes have become her ‘friend’

Written by on April 10th 2015.

Unlike so many people who fear practicing in a heated Yoga room, Janeen Wynn, a registered nurse, was curiously drawn to it.

“I was intrigued by the heat,” says Janeen, who is recuperating from a shoulder injury after falling about a year ago. “I’ve always gravitated to warm sunny places, so when… read more

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Compassion in Action: Practicing the Yoga Principle of Seva

Written by on March 16th 2015.

More than just the physical poses, yoga is a dynamic system of healing that includes ethical considerations. These ethics of practice guide our intentions to come from our heart and not just our ego in both yoga practice as well as in the world. Yoga practice is, in part, about establishing and main… read more

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