Holistic Skincare at YAM

YAM is pleased to offer services for your overall health & wellness.  Each and every service is cutomized to meet your personal needs.

90 Minute Facial / Massage Package/$125
          This is a customized facial with 30 extra minutes of focussed massage where needed.

90 Minute Hot Stone Facial/$120
          This is a Customized Facial incorporating Hot Stones on the face, arms, lower legs and feet. And 30 minutes of massage on the shoulders and back.

90 Minute Facial with Chakra Balancing/$135
          This is a 60 minute Facial with 30 minutes of Chakra Energy Balancing.

Sundari Facial: 60 minutes/$80
          Rejuvenate and Reawaken your skin with this holistic facial customized for your skins specific needs. Naturally active ingredients are custom blended for intense exfoliation and renewal. This treatment stimulates relaxation and recovery with herbal extracts and essential oils. Our signature MarMassage (pressure point stimulation) completes the experience, for newly radiant skin.

Sundari 30-minute Facial: $50
            This facial includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation and extractions or massage. Finishing the facial with a custom mask to rejuvenate your skin. 

Honey Enzyme Brightening Facial: 75 minutes /$100
          Reveal a brighter, more radiant skin with this intense skin rejuvenation facial treatment. A unique exfoliating complex of honey and fruit enzymes achieve significant re-texturization of the skin leaving it clear, smooth and purified. Neem oil stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, improving skin elasticity, firmness and cell regeneration. Our MarMassage will leave your skin feeling healthy, oxygenated and revitalized. 

Age Defying Firming Facial: 60 minutes/$90
            Reclaim your skins youth. This advanced treatment feels luxurious but acts powerfully. Instantly firming and improving skin tone and texture. Combining traditional massage therapies with our potent skin tightening mask, the facial defies gravity and restores balance.

Omega 3 Facial: 60 minutes/$90
              Breath a new life into dry or stressed skin with this deeply nourishing, intensely hydrating facial. Our own Omega 3+ complex uses naturally active ingredients to restore skins lost lipids, softening, renewing and awakening your natural glow.

Neem Healing Facial: 60 minutes/$90
          Soothe and purify even the most delicate skin by sharing the benefits of Neem, known in India as the "pharmacy tree". Extracts of the plant combined with soothing oils and our signature MarMassage to heal, hydrate and firm, restoring sensitive or irritated skin and youthful glow.

Add High Frequency to any treatment:15 minutes/$20
            This treatment helps treat and prevent stubborn acne, shrink enlarged pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, decongest puffy eyes, fade dark circles, rejuvenate the condition of the scalp and nourish hair follicles for healthier hair.

Waxing Services: All of our waxing services are done using Cirepil wax to remove your unwanted hair, perfect for all skin types. Please see pricing to the right.


YAM's Esthetician

Gisele grew up in an earthy, vegetarian home in Southern California. Her up bringing peaked an interest and passion for natural health and beauty. She has been practicing Esthetics since 2013. Every service is  individualized with therapeutic touch, skin knowledge and plant-based products.

Wellness is self-empowerment and finding life's passions. Trying to live a healthy lifestyle through mindful eating, yoga, exploring nature, time with family and exercising mind and body.

Esthetics and wellness go hand-in-hand. The nourishment we put in our bodies radiates throughout. Skin is the largest organ of the body, let's love and nourish it together through facials and home care. 

Gisele is excited to be apart of the YAM family and work individually to reach your skincare goals naturally.

Waxing Services

All of our waxing services are done using Cirepil wax to remove your unwanted hair, perfect for all skin types.

Brow $20 
Lip      $15 
Chin   $15
Jaw   $20
Lip & chin   $25 
Lip & brow $30
Lip, chin & brow  $40
Lip, chin & jaw     $35
Half leg $45+
Full leg   $65+
Bikini $40+
Underarms $25
Back   $60+ 

+ Additional charges may apply

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